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  • Become a FoolProof Skeptic, and Do it Right.

    Become a FoolProof Skeptic, and Do it Right.

    Make money, spend money: Gifts, groceries, housing, transportation, utilities, health, entertainment, and more. If you know the cycle of your life, you know this is the reality. And you probably aren't going to change that reality. But if you spend money wisely, the cycle will be a lot easier to manage, and even more fun, too.

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  • Got Credit Card Debt?

    Got Credit Card Debt?

    So you got these cool credit cards! Lots of nice reward benefits and cool pictures of you and your friends on the front of the card! Life is pretty good. Free money all around...or so you think.

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  • Should You Get an Ad Blocker?

    Should You Get an Ad Blocker?

    The good and the bad about ad blockers: the software that removes ads and avoids malware and things. But is it all good?

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  • Where's the Closest ATM?

    Where's the Closest ATM?

    FoolProof is supported by credit unions, so you should hold what I'm about to say at the highest critical level your brain can deliver today. Do that, and I think you'll agree what I say here is the truth.

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  • Trevor Freeman

    Trevor Freeman

    Hi, my name is Trevor Freeman; I recently graduated from a high school in West-Vancouver, Canada. I am 18 years old now and I'm quickly learning what life is really like after high school.

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  • 7 Simple Steps to the Best Checking Account

    7 Simple Steps to the Best Checking Account

    Life is a lot easier if you have a checking account. You can store your money, you get a debit card that is linked to your checking account, to be able to go online and make purchases, and you can even pay someone with a check if you don't have cash on you.

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