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  • Your Smartphone. Attacked.

    Your Smartphone. Attacked.

    Your smartphone—right now—is probably the focus of scammers and hackers. Fraudsters who used to focus on attacking your PC are now a lot more interested in smartphones since they are the most-used web device for a majority of people.

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  • The Crowdfunding Phenomena

    The Crowdfunding Phenomena

    What is crowdfunding? And what does it have to do with you? Perhaps nothing, or perhaps just not yet, but we think it's important enough for you to know about.

    Though crowdfunding is regulated by the government, there are a couple of dangers you need to be aware of.

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  • Me? A Millionaire?

    Me? A Millionaire?

    Get this: over 7 million people in the United States are millionaires.

    I wondered what those people did when they were in high school and college that most of us don't do. What skills and habits did they have?

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  • Financing Purchases - How the Process Works

    Financing Purchases - How the Process Works

    Be sure to watch this video before you sign on the dotted line…

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  • A Radical Shift in Advertising That Targets You

    A Radical Shift in Advertising That Targets You

    "Native Advertising"—disguising a one-sided sales pitch to look like valuable information—has been around for decades.

    Though advertisers may deny it, the hidden purpose of native advertising has always been pretty clear to FoolProof and many other consumer advocates: to trick you into accepting potentially faulty information as truthful information.

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  • Should You Be Worried About Privacy on the Web?

    Should You Be Worried About Privacy on the Web?

    Anything you post on the web will likely stay there forever. Especially on social networks. Use the tips in this video to keep your personal and private information secure.

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